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blog.debian.org - going forward

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we discussed blog.d.o on this
list [1,2]. At DebConf11, discussions on this topic have been going on.
In short, DSA is working on a blog.debian.org machine running a Movable
Type instance, which we could use as Debian blog. I'd like to hereby
thank DSA for their help on this matter.

While work is going on on that side, we have to decide how we're going
to use it. I think this list is the right place where to decide it,
although I apologize in advance for not having attended the publicity
BoF (whereas I've attended the publicity *talk*), where you might have
discussed the topic already. Either way, letting -publicity know how it
will work would be useful.

Barring already existing proposals, my own proposal is to handle blog
posts similarly to how we handle the @debian account on identi.ca. That
is, we could enable anyone to draft blog posts for blog.d.o (and sign
them in the text or author of the post, as many "institutional" blogs
do). Then we could require a given number of acks before going ahead and
posting it and, possibly, enable a given number of nacks to block a post
to go ahead. Beside of the actual numbers of acks/nacks (on which I
welcome suggestions), what do you think of this proposal? I think it
would allow for both transparency and collaboration on posts.

I'm not sure we will ever need to have embargoed blog posts as we have
for press releases (after all, if it is really embargoed matter, we will
probably go for a proper press release rather than for a blog post,
right?). But in case we will need it, I think we can do with private
drafts on the blog platform, calling for review on this list.

I don't know Movable Type well enough to understand how authentication
will work, but I expect it to support different level of users and I
guess we can handle posting access to it as we have done with identi.ca,
i.e. starting with volunteers and enlarging on the basis of work done on
blog posts.

In the long run, DSA is aiming at having Oauth-based authentication tied
to Debian account (not sure if also tied to Alioth accounts, though),
bug in the beginning we will probably need separate accounts created in
the blogging platform.


PS Zobel, as I guess you'll be reading this anyhow, can you please let
   us know if you want an RT ticket for the setup of blog.d.o? TIA

PS2 I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow, so
   don't expect me being active in this discussion before that period is
   over. But enjoy a healthy discussion in the meantime!

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2010/07/msg00025.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2010/11/msg00005.html
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