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Re: Please summarise your DebCamp activities for the Publicity Team

It ain't debcamp activity, but "debconf between talks activity", but
here it is anyway:

Team pkg-voip migrated voice prompts for Asterisk, the free (as in
freedom) software PBX, to being coinstallable (instead of only one per
language previously), the default (for each language) being handled by
alternatives. That migration was partially done in squeeze, we
enhanced the setup and migrated even more languages to that setup. We
started the process of adopting voice prompts packages that seem
abandoned by their maintainers (e.g. asterisk-prompt-de), and to get a
proper license for voice prompts by new upstreams (German again).

The uploads are not quite done, but they sit in SVN ready to upload,
which will be done hopefully this evening.

I also fixed a bug in a LaTeX package, and took it to upstream's
upstream's upstream (Debian bug #635491); doing that I noticed that
the Debian package does not contain the best sources (although it
contains a technically generated file which is as good a modifiable
source as a C program without comments), and asked upstream's
upstream's upstream to please put the best source in upstream's
upstream so that it trickles down to Debian.

upstream = texlive
upstream's upstream = ctan
upstream's upstream's upstream = the current maintainer for that
package, which took over from the original author, but has not made
any new release yet.


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