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Java Team meeting summery


Below is my summery; I have attached the gobby notes.  They do
unfortunately not contain some of the follow up things, I learned later.


(Please keep me in CC, if you want me to read the follow ups).

Outcome of the Java Team meeting.

There was a debate on whether to discontinue OpenJDK support on mips.
Both within the team and within upstream there seems to be very little
interest in maintaining the port, but mips advocates are welcome to
step up and help with porting issues.  Follow up information suggested
the problem might be a problem build systems.

There has been an effort inside Debian to port the newly released
OpenJDK 7 to kfreebsd and to Hurd port as well.  The team was
interesting in during an archive wide rebuild with OpenJDK 7.

Other topics included making jarwrapper installable on more
architectures, on-the-fly "Java to native code" compilation on user
systems and the Java equivalent to the symbols files used dpkg.

There were also newcomers that were interested in joining the team,
including people from Seria.  The Java Team are very happy to welcome
new contributors and questions/"how can I help"-emails can be sent
to debian-java@lists.debian.org.

- OpenJDK 7 and Wheezy
  - Damien Raude-Morvan (trying to) porting for kfreebsd and working on mips issues
    + Torsten Werner will look at kfreebsd too (maybe starting with JamVM)
  - Archive rebuild under amd64
  - We may need source uploads for Java packages accessing "internal classes etc."
  - The OpenJDK maintainers are interested in talking with the Hurd GSoC student (Jérémie Koenig <jk@jk.fr.eu.org>).
    - Once the i386 port is done, then most likely the rest of the Hurd archs
      (if any at the time) will work without too many changes.
    - This article details the status of the OpenJDK under Hurd:

- mips status of openjdk
  - Need new mips interested people as maintainers if we are to continue
  - Use jamvm on mips?
  - Drop default-jdk if OpenJDK cannot be built and another Java6-compatible
    JDK is not available? But maintain the Build-Depends of openjdk (e.g. gcj,
    ant-gcj, ...).

- Drop of the llvm-2.7 dependency
  - 2.7 is no longer maintained (upstream)
  - as far as we know, does not work with more recent versions of llvm
  - bad results

- gcj status (remove -gcj packages, compile on the fly)
  - No update, are we still interested?
    - Not a good idea in all cases (takes too long on some(all?) architectures)
    - Maybe as a background daemon
  - Probably not if we get a "decent JVM" on all architectures
    - In this case just keep the gcj packages needed to bootstrap OpenJDK
    - ant-gcj (and its {build-,}dependencies) and the ecj compiler
    - Looks like there are about 45 packages with pattern -gcj in the archive

- jarwrapper (binfmt-support)
  - Replace with a wrapper script?
  - Includes "\r" in the command-line
    - Not filed as a bug (TODO: Tom Marble!)
  - Not available on kfreebsd (Hurd?)
    - Needs binfmt-support

- Java symbols
  - Prototype ready
    - Can detect common breakages
    - Can be produce versioned dependencies
      - In this case we need to deploy symbols on packages then and B-D on them
    - Large symbols
  - Write wiki page on this.
  - Maybe use symbols on "important" libraries
  - http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2011/05/msg00089.html

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