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[DRAFT] Re: [Debconf-announce] Please summarise your DebCamp activities for the Publicity Team

Hi publicity team,

On Mon, 2011-07-25 at 14:56 +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> For the work on a "DebConf finished" announcement and the later
> work on the final report of the conference, it would be extremly
> helpful, if you could summarise your activities (or better:  your teams
> activities) for us. Please send them to
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org.
Jeroen Dekkers and I have been working on packaging various bits of
groupware and their dependencies for Debian. 

Jeroen has made good progress on SOGo (http://www.sogo.nu/english.html),
and the objective C library (SOPE) it depends on.

I have mostly been working on getting newer releases of OpenChange, the
evolution-mapi plugin and their dependencies (samba4, tdb, ldb, tevent,
talloc, heimdal) back into shape and ready for unstable.

Together these packages (SOGo and OpenChange) should  make it easy to
set up a FOSS groupware (mail/contacts/calendar/..) server that uses
open formats and builds on other free software but also supports
(lossless) integration with out-of-the-box Microsoft Outlook clients.



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