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Re: debian event box

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 02:10:51AM +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> Given the "ridiculous" [1] price (see below), I would go for shiny new
> hardware.
> [1] I know that in a volunteer project like Debian any price is not
>     ridiculous at all: what I wanted to stress is that these boxes are
>     really needed, as anyone actually organizing a booth could testify.
> If my estimations are correct, one *single* box should costs around 770
> USD, Pelicase *included*:

Thanks for collecting the quotes!

With my DPL hat on I can anticipate that I'll be more than happy to
authorize buying *two* event boxes (reminder: the original idea was
indeed to have two and keep them in the world regions where we more
often have events to attend---i.e. North America and Europe---to
minimize shipment costs).

Regarding the price, the question I often ask myself when deciding
whether to authorize expenses or not is whether it would be a good use
of the money Debian receives as donations. In this case I've no doubts
that it will be a good use, as it will simplify the organization of
booth set up as well as diminishing the barrier needed to set up one.

Before proceeding though I've a couple of requests (which I've just
discussed with Luca):

- we should make an estimate of an in-Europe / in-US shipment of a full
  event box, just to ensure that shipment is not an excessive share of
  the cost of the material (to do that we most likely need to make an
  estimate of the total weight of a box)

- we should make sure that the material fits properly in the Pelicase
  without packing it too much (which I seriously doubt) and also without
  leaving it too empty. Here at DebConf11 we have a Peli 1650, used by
  the video team, so if we can assemble most of the material we can
  easily do that

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