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Re: Need your help for DebConf: Please summarise your BoF

Dear Alexander :)

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl @ 18.07.2011 14:26:
> Dear Meike,
> I'm a member of Debian's Publicity Team and ask for your help for the
> coming Debian Conference.  As usual we would like to summarise the outcome
> of the Debian Conference and the preceding DebCamp in a small announcement
> to be published shortly after the Debian Conference as well as a longer
> final report published a bit later.
> To create both we need your input, as you registered a BoF session titled
> "Debian-Women BoF".
> It would be a great help to us, if you could summarize your BoF session
> afterwards for us in one or two paragraphs, so we can base announcement and
> final report upon your data.

The D-W talk will mostly be a review of what happened so far, so no news
there. The BoF is meant to work out D-W's future plans. So hopefully there
will be something to report afterwards, but I don't know yet what.

Kindest regards,

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