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Debian Events Package


Am 19.07.2011 23:38, schrieb Luca Capello:

> This will also means that I have created some new pages:
>   <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Events/DebianEventsPackage>
> Discussions should continue on this list, please simply reply to this
> email and change the subject.  I will continue implementing the ideas
> there while discussing with people here :-)

Stuff I usually do with a Demo-Box:

 * Create a Demo-User with all sudo-rights on everything.
 * Install OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice.
   * Get the presentation from
http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/debian-expo.odp ; it contains a makro,
which with you can run in endlessly.
 * Install virtualbox and in it a babelbox.
 * Install xpenguins and xpenguins-applet (often a good eyecatcher).
 * Check, if local mirror works; I usually have a local mirror with me
on expos.  If you have to show something to a visitor, you don't want
him to wait till you finished download a dozent packages via slow
conference lan ;)

Some random ideas of for improvement of the above:

  * Is there a way to automate setting up the babelbox?
  * Is there a way to enter the name of the conference and languages to
be displayed for the presentation without having to edit it?
  * Is there a way to include (random) comments from the users of out
user list on the web?

Best regards,

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