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DebConf upcoming, talk proposal, BoF after that


DebConf 11 is coming soon, and the "Call for Participation" will close
soon, too.  I plan to attend, and propose two sessions for us:

1) A talk for targeting non -publicity team members. That would include
a short introduction, what we do, and how to help us, but could also
include some more about "external communication", why it is so hard for
us to work and for journalists to thread us fair, and why DDs should
think twice before posting to d-d-a or planet, and maybe even why have a
press team and a publicity team.

2) Of course a usual get together and think what to do BoF session, for
team members and interested.

So, who's attending DebConf and who would like to join the the talk?

Best regards,

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