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Re: [Debconf-team] Cooperation between the DC and the publicity teams (was: DebConf11 call for contributions)


Thanks for your message - using the Debian Publicity team was one of
easy targets for cooperation some of us had talked about before, and it
would be good to make use of it (finally).

Damyan answered the biggest part of this, which is that we are so
rushed.  We didn't have anything to proofread until... a day before it
was sent out.

On Sat, Apr 09, 2011 at 08:45:49PM +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Hi DebConf orgas,
> thanks for your work to organise a nice conference year after year, you
> are doing a splendig job!  But may take the opportunity to introduce you
> to Debians Publicity Team?  We are open for collaboration, and are
> willing to help you in any way we can, but you don't make it very easy,
> although I repeatedly contacted you, and asked you to contact us well in
> advance.
> As previous attempts didn't seem to work, I'll show you a very positive
> example of cooperation between Debian's release team and Debian's
> Publicity and Press team, when new Point Releases are announced.

This is a great story of cooperation.  The main problem with making
this happen for DebConf is that we don't know things in advance.
Quite literally we weren't set up to open registration/call for talks
48 hours before they went out.  This wasn't just making Pentabarf
ready to accept registrations/papers, but also making final decisions
about what to be included, categories, etc.

This is not an ideal situation.  We need more people who have time,
then we could keep to a planned schedule and prepare stuff in
advance.  But I know you aren't looking to join the DebConf team
(though that would be very nice).

Anyway, on to making our teams work better together.  What areas do
you think you can most contribute to our announcements?  Translations?
On the Debian web page?  To official debian lists?  Proofreading?

Then, for the implementation part- how short can the timeline be made
of getting an announcement out?

I've recently tried some things to streamline the DebConf
announcements process, like collecting links to past announcements (so
that we can decide more quickly what to do this year, and how to write
it) and create a "standard blurb" (refined for this year, not just
something from the past).  There were actual drafts of both
announcements at some point, but they very quickly went from draft to
sent, since there wasn't much time to wait.

> So, if anyone reading this has an idea, what's going on or how to
> improve things, feel free to speak up, I'm willing to listen.  But by
> now I've lost all energy and interst in trying to try to improve things.

It seems like the most important thing is getting drafts to you
early.  Assuming we could get stuff early enough to be useful, what
would be most useful?

Also, even if we aren't able to send out things through you, do you
have any advice for how to improve our announcements?  


- Richard

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