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Publicity for the debiancd.org


In the last year we started a project [1]. We are making Debian CDs, but not 
the usual way, as the other vendors. Our goal is to make not full sets of 
installation media (more DVDs), but a nice, factory-made CD, like Canonical 
makes for Ubuntu ShipIt.
Why? Because a lot of people like "official" discs. Good to have it, good to 
touch it, use it, give to friends.
We (2 contributors) decided to find some money, make these discs, send them 
worldwide (yes, really, except some countries, but we are working on this 
question), and give the profit to Debian.
Till now 116 discs ordered from 27 countries [2], but we think that we can 
make much more, if we can have some publicity.

Could you help us?

Gabor Kum

[1] http://debiancd.org/
[2] http://debiancd.org/stats.php

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