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Re: Please review content squeeze release announement

On 2011-02-03 04:46, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:

Am 02.02.2011 23:22, schrieb Filipus Klutiero:

Debian 6.0<q>Squeeze</q>   introduces technical
"technical/technology preview" is not clear to me. Is the meaning
explained anywhere? I don't find it in the release notes.
We currently have at the end of that paragraph: "However, for this
release these new ports are limited; for example, some advanced desktop
features are not yet supported."
OK, but is there a full list of "limits"? Why is it called a "technical/technology preview"? I don't call a software a preview because it doesn't have all the features I wish it had.
Debian 6.0 includes over 10,000 new packages like the browser Chromium,
the monitoring solution Icinga, the package management frontend Software
Center, the network manager wicd, the Linux container tools lxc or the
cluster framework corosync.
Wow, lots of stuff I never heard about here. I'm wondering about the
notability of corosync, lxc and Icinga. Icinga doesn't even have an
article on the English Wikipedia.
Well, feel free to propose better packages.
has a diff between the source (!) packages between lenny and squeeze.
Thanks. I was in a hurry yesterday and although 3 new packages in 2 years seemed little, nothing else quickly came to mind. I checked your list but didn't notice many more. 2 are particularly interesting for me: 1. The Eclipse IDE, although it's 1 major version behind upstream (3.5 vs 3.6.1) 2. The Zend PHP framework, although also 1 major version behind upstream (1.10 vs 1.11.2)

Disclaimer: I'm a PHP web application developer, and don't have any of these packages installed as Debian packages. I'm pretty sure Eclipse deserves inclusion, but not so sure for zendframework. At least, they're both mature applications covered in Wikipedia.

Here is relevant popcon data (in installs) :
zendframework 164
eclipse 3655
icinga 53
lxc 275
corosync 169
chromium-browser 4497
wicd 2655
software-center 9881

Wouldn't it be nice to have the percentage of *squeeze* installs with these? :-) And a popcon ranking of packages introduced in squeeze...? :-)
There also seems to be a math problem. [..]
Yes, ~4000 packages have been removed.  See
for details.
Hum, in this case I really think mentioning 10 000 new packages without mentioning the 4000 removals is unfair.
Or, I suggest just talking about the number of source packages.
No, source packages are not interesting for users and journalists.
I don't really agree. It's true that users don't directly use source packages. But if you want to compare 2 distributions according to the number of package they contain, then I think users do care about the *number of* source packages, more than the number of binary packages anyway. For example, chromium-browser has 4 binary packages, but the announcement just mentions the Chromium browser. Usually a source packages has several packages for modularity, disk size or even more technical reasons and users really would just care about the source package being there are not. There are some exceptions, like iceweasel-l10n, where some users will like to see a new binary package meaning a translation in their language, but in general, users count the addition of Chromium as one new package, not 4. If a journalist was to pick a single number, he would be really misguided to consider the binary packages. The Debian Project News shows that; the section on new packages, although it actually shows binary packages if I'm not mistaken, is filtered from the list of new binary package to basically represent the list of new source packages.

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