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Re: Please review content squeeze release announement


Am 02.02.2011 23:22, schrieb Filipus Klutiero:

>> Debian 6.0<q>Squeeze</q>  introduces technical
> "technical/technology preview" is not clear to me. Is the meaning
> explained anywhere? I don't find it in the release notes.

We currently have at the end of that paragraph: "However, for this
release these new ports are limited; for example, some advanced desktop
features are not yet supported."

>> Debian 6.0 includes over 10,000 new packages like the browser Chromium,
>> the monitoring solution Icinga, the package management frontend Software
>> Center, the network manager wicd, the Linux container tools lxc or the
>> cluster framework corosync.
> Wow, lots of stuff I never heard about here. I'm wondering about the
> notability of corosync, lxc and Icinga. Icinga doesn't even have an
> article on the English Wikipedia.

Well, feel free to propose better packages.
has a diff between the source (!) packages between lenny and squeeze.

> There also seems to be a math problem. [..]

Yes, ~4000 packages have been removed.  See
for details.

> Or, I suggest just talking about the number of source packages.

No, source packages are not interesting for users and journalists.

Best regards,

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