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Re: Please review content squeeze release announement

On 2011-02-02 04:43, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
[ m-f-t set to the publicity list; please respect that ]


In the past days, we drafted an announcement text for the upcoming
squeeze release.  I think it is now matured enough, to get the _content_
reviewed by the involved teams.

The current timelime to work on the draft is as follows:

  * today:  Review content, last modifications / additions of the content
  * tommorow:  review by -l10n-english
  * also tommorow: call for translations
  * Rest of week:
    * fix en_DE
    * Get it translated into as many languages as possible

Currently I expect, that the announcement will be released on Sunday
tht 6th; it would be great, if it it could be translated by then.

Best Regards,

Good work, that makes me realize the progress made. Here are my comments:

Debian 6.0<q>Squeeze</q>  introduces technical previews of two new
ports to the FreeBSD kernel using the known Debian/GNU userland: Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD for the 32-bit PC (<code>kfreebsd-i386</code>) and the
64-bit PC (<code>kfreebsd-amd64</code>). These ports are the first ones
ever to be included in a Debian release which are not based on the
Linux kernel. The support of common server software is strong and
extends the features of Linux-based Debian versions by the unique
features known from the BSD world. However, these ports
being technology previews, some advanced desktop features are not
supported yet.
"technical/technology preview" is not clear to me. Is the meaning explained anywhere? I don't find it in the release notes.
This release includes numerous updated software packages, such as the
The "the" at the end doesn't fit with all items in the list, it should probably me moved to the beginning of the first item.

an updated version of the GNOME desktop environment 2.30
The phrasing suggests lenny already had GNOME 2.30 and it will just get a minor update. A comma could fix that.

<li>Linux kernel version 2.6.32</li>
Either "*the* Linux kernel", just "Linux version 2.6.32", or really just "Linux 2.6.32"

Debian 6.0 includes over 10,000 new packages like the browser Chromium,
the monitoring solution Icinga, the package management frontend Software
Center, the network manager wicd, the Linux container tools lxc or the
cluster framework corosync.
Wow, lots of stuff I never heard about here. I'm wondering about the notability of corosync, lxc and Icinga. Icinga doesn't even have an article on the English Wikipedia.

There also seems to be a math problem. The lenny release announcement red that

This release includes [... ] and more than 23,000 other ready-to-use software packages (built from over 12,000 source packages).
If I add over 10 000 new binary packages to over 23000, that means over 33 000 in squeeze (excluding removals). Yet I don't even have 29 000 available binary packages (updated or not) on my i386 squeeze. I suspect there is a large number of removals due to library upgrades, which should also be mentioned to be fair. Or, I suggest just talking about the number of source packages.

At the same time, additional
quality assurance efforts, like automatic installation and upgrade
tests for all packages in Debian's archive, ensure that Debian 6.0
fullfills the high expectations, users have of a stable Debian release:
to be rock solid and rigorously tested.
The last comma breaks the sentence flow.

Besides the
just existing Blends<em>Debian Edu</em>  for Debian in education,
<em>Debian Med</em>  for medical practice and bio-medical research,
<em>Debian Science</em>  for scientists in general,<em>Debian Jr.</em>
for children from 1 to 99 and<em>BrDesktop</em>  - a desktop localised
for Brasilian users Squeeze is featuring the following new Blends:
I think "BraZilian" is the only correct spelling. I believe the "just" is a typo, unnecessary.

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