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Re: blog.debian.org - technical planning

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 09:31:40AM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> So, I've discussed a bit the issue with DSA on IRC, to get their POV on
> this matter. DSA too prefer not to have Wordpress, for security
> concerns. As others mentioned on this list however, there are
> arrangements of (virtual) machines hosted by DSA with services
> administered by others, such as wiki.d.o and forums.d.n. If Ana, as it
> is in her own right having done the job thus far, requests Wordpress, we
> might aim for something like that.

If DSA does not want to host a wordpress, then let's go then for non-DSA
hosting. This does not mean blog.d.o have to stay forever away from Debian 
machines, but currently I am more motivated in working to launch all this 
that spend several weeks trying to look how to fit the needs listed by DSA.
(I have not talked with them, but I refer here to zobel's email in this
In some months, when the service has been working more officialy advertised
and maybe changed a bit in some points (people joining can make a big 
difference), we can reevaluate this decision.

> From here, I believe that a plan to go ahead might be as follows:
> - set up the blog engine instance that will be used for blog.d.o
>   - configure, tune, etc.
> - register blog.debian.net and make it point to it
> - set up redirects from the other blog-ish resources we have (times.d.n,
>   news.d.n, what else?) so that subscribers to their feeds get pointed
>   to blog.d.n
> - add blog.d.n to planet
> - announce!, including suggested work-flow for contributed blog posts

I am a bit confused for this, it is pretty much what is already just 
changing the name from news to blog and updating the workflow to encourage
DDs contributing news posts. Do I understand correctly?

I am OK with the name change from news.d.n to blog.d.o to make it official,
but I do not see the advantange of switching from news.d.n to blog.d.n.
(Actually, blog.d.o|n make it looks like a blog service for DDs that is 
very different of our goal)
Maybe it is worthwhile starting another thread about this?


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