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Re: blog.debian.org - technical planning

> Talking with Ana, she wouldn't like that and (IIRC!) would prefer to
> have a more standard blog engine a-la wordpress and, apparently, has
> already had an agreement with DSA, as long as others do the
> administration of the app. (Ana: please correct me if I don't remember
> correctly, I'm digging in my memory from DebConf10, shame on me for not
> posting this before!)  I'm very much for do-ocracy, so if Ana or anyone
> else is up to administering a wordpress (or equivalent) running at
> blog.d.o, by all means I'm fine with that.

If it should be something dynamic instead of static, could we at least
keep away from such a security nightmare hell of shit as wordpress is?

I personally use MovableType, which has way less of a record than WP -
and actually creates static pages for the readers. Its using dynamic foo
"just" when you enable comments, so as long as you dont you can have an
entirely static site, and have the dynamic part (editing of new stuff)
behind some extra http auth or so to keep it away from possible

(I don't care if its MT or an ikiwiki hat gets "better" comment support,
or something entirely different. But using something that is as bad as
WP, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

bye, Joerg
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