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Re: posting planet.d.o article announcements to @planetdebian


On Fri, 22 Oct 2010, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
> >> If you, as Planet maintainers, have reasons to prefer a solution more
> >> integrated with Planet code, I'll be more than happy to give you access
> >> to @planetdebian.
> > 
> > Same here, I can disable my feed2omb runs at any time.
> Is @planetdebian currently being feeded with this? If so, is it in an 
> official Debian server or somewhere else?

Yes and no, it's hosted on my private server currently. (The password is
hardcoded in the configuration file)

> If it is considered fine to host it somewhere else, I can do that.

Go ahead! The day when we set it up on some official place, it's easy to

> > It runs now twice an hour and will post a maximum of 3 dents at once. I
> > had to hack the configuration a bit to replace &#xxx; with real
> > characters, it's not perfect but it should cover the set of characters
> > used in the names of current planet contributors.
> Raphael: would it be possible to get that config minus the sensitive 
> (passwords/whatever) parts?

It's attached.

> Also, I have seen that you packaged it and it's 
> waiting in the new queue. If I use feed2omb, would you mind giving me access 
> to the Debian packaging's source files? (unless you know it will get to 
> unstable soon :-/ )

It's in git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/feed2omb.git

You can also get the package here:

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer ◈ [Flattr=20693]

Follow my Debian News ▶ http://RaphaelHertzog.com (English)
                      ▶ http://RaphaelHertzog.fr (Français)
#The URL of the feed you want to post. Can be Atom or RSS, any version
feedurl = http://planet.debian.org/rss20.xml

#The base API URL for the microblogging service you want to post to
apibaseurl = https://identi.ca/api

#Replace the following credentials with those for the microblogging service you want to post to
user = planetdebian
password = *****************

#The maximum length of message. Defaults to 140.
maxlen = 124

#The notice source that is reported when a notice is posted
source = planet.debian.org

#URL shortening mode. Possible values are:
#  lilurl - use a lilURL-based shortening service - specify the host
#           below
#  bit.ly - shorten the url using the service at http://bit.ly (default)
#  laconica - assume that Laconica will shorten the url automatically
#  none - do not shorten (drastically reducing available message space)
urlshortener = bit.ly

#Specify the 'sent mode'. This determines how we decide if we have already
#sent an entry from the feed to the OMB service. There are two possible
#  sentlinks - uses the links attached to each entry, and stores a list of
#              all those that have been sent previously (default)
#  timestamp - keeps track of the timestamp of the most recent entry and
#              only sends newer ones
sentmode = sentlinks

#Specify the message mode, i.e. how the OMB message is formed from the
#available information in the feed entries:
#  title       - just the title of the entry (default)
#  authtitle   - the author followed by the title
#  summary     - use the entry's summary (description in RSS), falling back
#                on the title if there is no summary
#  authsummary - like authtitle, but using the summary instead of the title
msgmode = title
#msgmode = authtitle

#Should links be appended to the message? Default is 'yes' - to get rid
#of them, set it to 'no'...
includelinks = yes

# Transform the message
messageregex = "ë", "É", "é", "ř", "Č", "í", "ü"
messagereplace = e, E, e, r, C, i, u

#You can also have multiple regular expressions and replacements by giving
#a comma-separated list of each. The number of expressions and replacements
#must be the same.
#messageregex = 'red','blue'
#messagereplace = 'green','yellow'

#Specify the maximum number of items that will be posted in one go. This
#prevents flooding. Any additional items will be picked up on the next run.
#You can set this to 0 to always post all available new items.
#This value can be overridden by the --max command-line option.
maxpost = 3

#Specify the hashtags mode. If this is set to 'category', then any categories
#specified in the feed's entries will be appended to the message as hashtags,
#so long as there is space.
hashtags = none
lastsent = 2010-10-01 14:00:33

#Links that have already been posted will be added to this section if
#the sentmode option is set to sentlinks.

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