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ISOs to burn for a FOSS event in Italy next week

Heya, I'll be speeching at the "Linux Day" (a fairly popular Italian
FOSS event, organized nation-wide by LUGs) event in Modena, Italy, next
week-end. The organizers offered the possibility to burn for them
several ISO images of Debian, to promote it. Obviously, they are also
asking me *which* images they should burn.

I've mixed feeling in replying to them: it's a nice chance to do some
Debian promotion, but Lenny is starting to be a bit out of date and
Squeeeze is not quite there yet. I was hence pondering about whether we
can find a way to burn Squeeze ISOs, presenting them in a way that can
attract potential developers in the audience, to help out finalizing the
Squeeze release. To do that, we would need to present them appropriately
and avoid as much as possible the risk that they get mistaken by Squeeze
*releases* (story shows that this unfortunately can happen).

As I've mixed feelings, I would very much welcome comment on the
idea. Is it worth to risk Squeeze images? How should we present them
then? Should we rather go for Lenny images ... or no ISOs at all?


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