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Re: ISOs to burn for a FOSS event in Italy next week

Il giorno sab, 16/10/2010 alle 12.54 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli ha
> Heya, I'll be speeching at the "Linux Day" (a fairly popular Italian
> FOSS event, organized nation-wide by LUGs) event in Modena, Italy, next
> week-end. The organizers offered the possibility to burn for them
> several ISO images of Debian, to promote it. Obviously, they are also
> asking me *which* images they should burn.
> I've mixed feeling in replying to them: it's a nice chance to do some
> Debian promotion, but Lenny is starting to be a bit out of date and
> Squeeeze is not quite there yet. I was hence pondering about whether we
> can find a way to burn Squeeze ISOs, presenting them in a way that can
> attract potential developers in the audience, to help out finalizing the
> Squeeze release. To do that, we would need to present them appropriately
> and avoid as much as possible the risk that they get mistaken by Squeeze
> *releases* (story shows that this unfortunately can happen).
> As I've mixed feelings, I would very much welcome comment on the
> idea. Is it worth to risk Squeeze images? How should we present them
> then? Should we rather go for Lenny images ... or no ISOs at all?

IMHO, no ISOs could be a bad publicity for Debian, the presently
"stable" is out of date for a desktop user and, therefore, would not
bring new users to Debian.

Therefore I would burn a "testing" ISO (CD or DVD).

Just my 2 cents... :)

Ciao e buon weekend, peccato che Modena sia lontana da qui... ;)

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