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Re: Upcoming announcement: backports.debian.org

On Mi, 01 sep 10, 19:38:02, Brian Ryans wrote:
> Would here be a good location for a very simple primer on what to put in
> sources.list? If so, and [1] holds true, a very crude suggestion, after
> the above-quoted paragraph:
> ---8<---
> If you are already using the backports.org service, replace all
> occurrences of 'backports.org' with 'backports.debian.org' in
> "/etc/apt/sources.list".
> --->8---
> [1] I assume s,backports.org,backports.debian.org,g would suffice?

I just asked on #debian-backports and it won't be so simple. Rather 
something like:

If you are already using the backports.org service please read $WEBSITE 
for the necessary changes to your sources.list

Where $WEBSITE does not exist yet ;)

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