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Upcoming announcement: backports.debian.org


Soonish (this weekend?) we'll need to send out a new announcemet, as the
move from www.backports.org to backports.debian.org is about to be

I got some comments via IRC and put them (including an english summary)
so http://whiteboard.debian.net/b.d.o-announcement.wb.

As I'm currently on a business trip, it would be very good it, if
someone could start drafting an announcement.  For further questions,
you can contact backports-users@lists.backports.org or
#debian-backports. Main contact persons are Jörg "Ganneff" Jaspert
(Debian ftp-master who did the move) and Alexander "formorer" Wirt
(Backports.org ftp-master who takes care of the service).

Best Regards,

PS:  I guess we won't need to mention everything in the press
announcement, but should sent out a press announcement as well as a more
technical mail to d-d-a.

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