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Re: Upcoming announcement: backports.debian.org

On Mi, 01 sep 10, 14:46:56, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> Soonish (this weekend?) we'll need to send out a new announcemet, as the
> move from www.backports.org to backports.debian.org is about to be
> finished.
> I got some comments via IRC and put them (including an english summary)
> so http://whiteboard.debian.net/b.d.o-announcement.wb.
> As I'm currently on a business trip, it would be very good it, if
> someone could start drafting an announcement.  For further questions,

Let me try :)


Backports service becoming official

The Debian Project is proud to announce that the backports service, 
previously available at www.backports.org is now an official Debian 
service and will be available from backports.debian.org

Backports are packages from the testing distribution recompiled for the 
current stable (or even oldstable) to provide users of the stable 
distribution with new versions of some packages, like the Linux kernel, 
the Iceweasel browser or the OpenOffice.org suite, without sacrificing 
the general stability of the system.

The archive currently has packages backported for the Lenny distribution 
(how many?), but the infrastructure to accept packages for the upcoming 
Squeeze release is already in place, to allow Debian Installer images to 
configure the backports repository by default without generating errors 
on user systems. The service for Squeeze will be enabled at a later 
date, after the release.

Because of some limitations in the Debian Bug Tracking System, any bugs 
relevant to backported packages still have to be reported to the 
debian-backports list, which will now also move on lists.debian.org.

About Debian

Debian GNU/Linux is a free operating system, developed by more than a
thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the
Internet. Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature,
and its open development model make it unique among GNU/Linux

The Debian project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its
dedication to the Debian Social Contract, and its commitment to provide
the best operating system possible.

Contact Information: For further information, please visit the Debian
web pages at http://www.debian.org/ or send mail to press@debian.org.


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