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Re: Upcoming announcement: backports.debian.org

Am 01.09.2010 20:11, schrieb Andrei Popescu:

> The archive currently has packages backported for the Lenny
> distribution  (how many?)

Currently 528 source packages in main, 2 in contrib and 4 in non-free.

Am 02.09.2010 14:13, schrieb Alexander Reichle-Schmehl:

> * I think it would only be fair, to also add a paragraph about the
> history, and mention, that it backports where started by Norbert
> Tretowksi (TODO: Check spelling of his name), continued by Alexander
> Wirt with a lot of volunteers, and finally integrated by Jörg Jaspert
> (who did a lot of work, and had quite some "fun", as bpo was running a
> quite older version of debian's archive kit).

There has been a (German) talk about that some month ago at the
MiniDebConf in Berlin.  I'll see if I can find the slides; might be

Oh, and looks like the announcement will need to be ready on Sunday, not
sure about the time, yet.

Best regards,

PS:  TODO:  Also add it to the DPN ;)

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