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Re: review for public announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010

(no need to CC me as long as mails are sent to asso@france.debian.net too)

Quoting Carl Chenet (chaica@ohmytux.com):
> Hi,
> This is the new draft for the Paris Mini-DebConf announcement. Any
> comment is welcomed as usual :
> --8<--
> The Debian France Association is organizing the first Paris
> Mini-DebConf. This event will welcome everyone with an interest in the

I'd suggest:
Debian France is organizing....

And maybe add at the end of the announcement a short "About Debian
France" paragraph followed by the usual "About Debian" paragraph.

My point here is avoiding to use "Association" in the context of a
text written in English as the word has a different meaning in

Alternatively, "Association Debian France" could be quoted to make it
clear this is the French name of the organization.

About Debian France
Debian France ("Association Debian France" in French) is a French
non-profit organization aimed at promoting, developing and supporting
the Debian Project in France.

(written from scratch: we could also translate the official goals or
our organization in English)

> Debian project for a series of talks and workshops about Debian.
> Allowing users, contributors and developers to meet each other is also
> one of the main goals of this event. We are especially looking forward
> to meeting Debian developers from around the world :)
> The Paris Mini-DebConf 2010 will be held at Université Paris Diderot -
> Paris 7, Paris, France, on October 30 and 31.

How about the following that reduces the numer of "Paris":

The Paris Mini-DebConf 2010 will be held at Université Paris Diderot,
France, on October 30 and 31.

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