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Re: review for public announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010

Hi Carl,

Le jeudi 26 août 2010 à 11:40:12 (+0200), chaica@ohmytux.com a écrit :
> Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 11:40:12 +0200
> From: chaica@ohmytux.com
> To: debian-publicity@lists.debian.org
> Cc: asso debian <asso@france.debian.net>
> Subject: Re: review for public announce about Mini-Debconf Paris 2010
> Here is the 2nd draft : 
> --8<--
> The Debian France Association is organizing the first Paris
> Mini-DebConf. This event will welcome everyone with an interest in the
> Debian project for a series of talks and workshops about Debian.
> Allowing users, contributors and developers to meet each other is also
> one of the main goals of this event. We are especially looking forward
> to meeting Debian developers from around the world :)
> The Paris Mini-DebConf 2010 will be held at Université Paris Diderot -
> Paris 7, Paris, France, October 30 and 31.

I would add a link to the OSM location here, or at least a full address,
what do you think?

> Further information is in the DebConf wiki[1]. If you wish to attend, it
> is *mandatory* to add some information about yourself to this page
> because of University security.
> We are in the process of defining the talks and workshops. If you wish
> to contribute, please let us know by dropping me an email or describing
> your talk/workshop in the DebConf wiki before September 15. Most of the
> talk will be in French, but you're welcome to submit talk proposals in
> English.
> The event wouldn't have been possible without the support of generous
> sponsors of money and other needed facilities. We hereby thank:
> Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 (for offering the venues), Gandi.net 
> and Easter-eggs.

I would also add links to the related websites, not sure however what is
the common usage on such announcements…

> If you are interested in the event and would like to support it you can
> do that by either donating to Debian France at [2] or by contacting me for
> other kind of support.
> Carl
> on behalf of the team
> [1]: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-Paris/2010
> [2]: http://france.debian.net
> --8<--


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