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Re: blog.debian.org: a merger of various blog-ish resources


Sorry for commenting on this thread so late! Due to holidays, DebConf
organization tasks and DebConf itself it has been impossible for me to 
read the thread calmly and answer earlier.

First of all, it would be *great* having blog.d.o. As you surely know,
I have tried to do something similar unofficially in the last year with
news.d.n. and I will be glad in joining efforts to make it official.

I am happy with the time invest/result I got from news.debian.net so far,
but I know more people well-coordinated and making it an official place,
could create a better resource to inform all the Debian community.

About my views, everything I wrote 1 year ago still applies [1], although
the handling of twitter.com/debian is now different and times.d.n is
definitively death.

[1] http://ekaia.org/blog/2009/08/03/introducing-http-news-debian-net/

I agree a lot with the views of Stefano has shown in his different posts
of about what we should have in blogs.d.o, his answers in some cases saved
me of writing very long emails in this thread :)
There is also some discussion about what should be the difference 
between press releases/d-d-a/other official channels and the technical
implementation, but I think it is something that should be discussed in
another thread now we have agreed in having blog.d.o.

Finally, but not less important, I want to emphasize something. There is a
*huge* demand of information about Debian in the form of blog posts and
I think some people underestimate strongly the power of Planet Debian.
For a lot of users planet is the only way they know about what is going
on Debian, it is even worse, I have heard Debian developers saying:
"I has been very busy all this time, I did not read mailing lists so
I only knew about issue X because some posts in planet".
A lot of people write rants in planet and not in mailing lists because they 
know they will be read for more people and will have more effect. 
With news.d.n I have been very carefully because I have realized a lot of
people take it as an official source. In the very moment we have blog.d.o
working, if we use it wisely, I think it is going to make a big difference
in how Debian communicates with the external world.


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