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Re: "debian" identi.ca account


On Mon, 09 Aug 2010, David Moreno wrote:
> Yes. However, I also don't see anything wrong with people spending some of
> their time on a way to support something they like and *try* to get some
> sort of monetary compensation back. But, that's not the point of discussion
> anyway.

Sure, I totally agree on this. In fact I try to earn money from my Debian
related work when possible...

> > If you have even more energy, I imagine that the ideal solution would be
> > to have submission of tweets by all DD/DM and that the people managing the
> > account just have to approve them (or reject them). And the system would
> > keep a log so that we can verify who wrote/approved/rejected the tweets.
> That's actually a much better idea, yes. This also adds flexibility to add
> new microblogging services to support. I'll work on it and will get back to
> you.

\o/ Thank you very much.

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