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Re: "debian" identi.ca account


On Mon, 09 Aug 2010, David Moreno wrote:
> Reason for that is that they usually keep Debian related content flowing at
> all times and people are interested on that. Or I believe that us, as a
> project, at least, should be interested on promoting these kind of services
> even if they are not "official". And I'm really thankful that there's people
> out there doing that, actually.

Well, I'd rather give a direct link rather than a link to an intermediary
site that only collect news and add google ads and some syndicated links.
At least on an official account managed by Debian.

But yes it's great that people are motivated to create such sites.
Diversity is good.

> > Damog, are you interested in / have time for doing this kind of
> > migration from Twitter to identi.ca?
> Sure. I actually brought the service that I had developed[1] down because
> basically nobody cared :) I offer myself to re-implement it again to use
> Identica and only a few GPG keys, if folks believe that's the best way to
> proceed.

Great! It would be a good start I think.

If you have even more energy, I imagine that the ideal solution would be
to have submission of tweets by all DD/DM and that the people managing the
account just have to approve them (or reject them). And the system would
keep a log so that we can verify who wrote/approved/rejected the tweets.

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