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Re: Debian Project News 2010/04 frozen, please review and translate

On 2010-05-30, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> wrote:
>> is quite borderline to be featured as "news" IMHO.  I consider this an
>> opinion, which wasn't even discussed on the lists.
> Sorry, I don't follow the KDE list.  I just saw his blog posts and
> thought it might be worth a sentence in the "other news" section (as his
> initial blog post was also mentioned there in the last issue).


It is just my opinion, but my opinion based on the comments I got from
the previous blog post, which was worthy to be mentioned here. (I
actually didn't even know).

But I do think, that if the initial blog post is worth mentioning, my
round up of the comments recieved is also.


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