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Re: Debian Project News 2010/04 frozen, please review and translate


Am 29.05.2010 21:37, schrieb Filipus Klutiero:

> here are a few issues:

They have all been fixed in the meantime.  Many thanks!

> As for the content, this:
>> After wondering what distribution specific tools Debian's KDE might
>> miss, Sune Vuorela <a
>> href="http://pusling.com/blog/?p=167";>reported</a> about some of
>> the feedback he got.  To quote him: <q>All in all, it looks like
>> we are quite far already. We just need to get the last bits put
>> together.</q>
> is quite borderline to be featured as "news" IMHO.  I consider this an
> opinion, which wasn't even discussed on the lists.

Sorry, I don't follow the KDE list.  I just saw his blog posts and
thought it might be worth a sentence in the "other news" section (as his
initial blog post was also mentioned there in the last issue).

Maybe you could come up with a better wording?  If not, I have no hard
feeling about that sentence and we can drop it.

Best regards,

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