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Re: [Debconf-team] announce about debconf10 call for (monetary) help

Nice, just a small comment:

On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 08:34:10PM +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> One excellent way to help DebConf is to become a sponsor. As Raphael
> Geissert wrote on his blog: "DebConf10 needs your help! That's right:
> it needs help from potential sponsors and donors to help cover the
> costs implied by this event. If you are interested in becoming a
> sponsor please contact sponsors [at] debconf.org, or if you want to
> make a donation please visit the debconf10 donations page."[0]

Maybe this quote should be part of the text (how to donate) and add instead a
quote about how useful is for developers going to DebConf and how many things
we get accomplished there.


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