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Re: State of Debian Project News

On Thursday 23 April 2009 20:27:50 Ana Guerrero wrote:
...good proposal removed...
> I know this is far less interesting than the current projects news and not
> so high quality, but it is better than nothing.  And maybe I am also
> underestimating here the effort needed.

Either combined with Ana's proposal, or separate, could we replace the project 
news with a blog? This would have an RSS feed, of course, and could also be 
automatically mailed to a mailing list if we needed to keep that distribution 
mechanism.  It would be an "official" Debian project news blog, with a small 
team of people having access to write blog entries.  The goal would be one or 
two blog entries a week, spread across the team of contributors.

It would not allow the review process that the current project news process 
has (although blog comments could be used to provide corrections and updates) 
but it would provide people inside the project, and journalists and other 
friends of Debian, a single place to track project news.  And the work could 
be spread across the team instead of falling on one person.


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