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Re: State of Debian Project News


On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 11:23:20PM +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> So the big question is:  What now?  Shall we just let them die again,
> until someone finds the time to really take care of our newsletter?  Or
> is there someone willing to spend some time on it?  
I understand that most of the work needed for the project news is manual 
and impossible to automate. So unless somebody is willing to assume this 
work, we clearly won't have anymore the news in the format we are used to. 
But not having news at all gives the false impression that the development 
is stalled, when it never is. What about having some weekly news only with 
the stuff that can be automated? (at least in a 99%):
- New Maintainers
- Important Debian Security Advisories
- New and noteworthy packages
- and maybe Work-needing packages

This can be automatically generated and before sending it, have some quick
review by the editor doing tasks like for example, for new packages if we have 
foo and foo-data remove the link to foo-data. I do not expect this be more
than 30-40 minutes per week.

Optionally, the first part of the news can be automated also, by just having 
the links and a description of what they are, without the current "edited" 
stuff. Instead the wiki, set some webform that allows send a text and the
link, nothing more.  Then the editor picks the ones that are worthwile, 
and if there is not any for the current edition, none is added.

I know this is far less interesting than the current projects news and not so
high quality, but it is better than nothing.  And maybe I am also 
underestimating here the effort needed.


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