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State of Debian Project News


As you might have noticed the latest issue of the Debian Project News is
loooooooooooooong overdue.  I'm very sorry, but as a matter of fact, I
simple don't find the time to edit them myself. As a matter of fact I
completely underestimated the amount of time needed and hoped for much
more contribution from others.

So the big question is:  What now?  Shall we just let them die again,
until someone finds the time to really take care of our newsletter?  Or
is there someone willing to spend some time on it?  Webml commit access
can surely be arranged, creating the mail version is fairly easy, since
the French translators created a very nice script for that.  We just
need someone - or better - some people to write the articles about
interesting events, summarise interesting threads on the lists.

For now I'm, still willing to sent them out once they are written and
will at least try to help by pointing to things that should IMHO be
mentioned; but that's pretty much everything I can offer as help (well,
beside some wisdom and explanations of the current workflow if there's

So, any volunteers?

Best regards,

PS: Sorry.

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