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Re: Debian GSoC 2008 (Re: Please review Debian Project News)

Le February 9, 2009 01:54:41 pm Sune Vuorela, vous avez écrit :
> On 2009-02-09, Filipus Klutiero <chealer@gmail.com> wrote a mail of his
> usual quality:
> > Netconf, a network configuration management system
> > Not successful
> Well.. that depends on the definition of success.
> The code is in netconf, so as a gsoc project it is a success.
According to Obey Arthur Liu, "The stated goal was to have netconf ready for 
lenny." Considering this, the project is clearly not successful. Of course, a 
project which isn't successful isn't necessarily useless.
> > Aptitude-gtk, usability and GTK+ GUI for the Aptitude package manager
> > Not in use
> Hah.
> I saw it being used yesterday.
> (and http://packages.debian.org/experimental/aptitude-gtk - by the way)
Well, it might be used by a minority, but in any case it surely isn't very 
successful. I didn't try it, but I can see right from the page you linked to 
that it still depends on aptitude. According to Obey Arthur Liu, aptitude-gtk 
was approximately alpha.
> > I'm removing the part about success.
> Isn't this about time you stop playing pingpong with the developers and
> find something else to spend your time on?
Playing pingpong with the developers?

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