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Proposed item for DPN: Etch-and-a-half installation images updated

D-I RC2 is scheduled to be released fairly soon. If that should happen 
before the next DPN is released, this article should be updated!


Etch-and-a-half installation images updated
As a result of the release on November 12 of the first release candidate
for Lenny of Debian Installer (D-I RC1), the installer images for 
Etch-and-a-half have been updated as well.

Consequence of this update is that during installation of Etch-and-a-half 
using the currently available images a newer kernel version (2.6.26) will 
be used. However, the kernel used for the installed system remains 
unchanged at version 2.6.24.

In some cases this can mean that hardware which is supported during the 
installation does not work after the reboot into the installed system 
because support for it was added after the 2.6.24 version.

Old Etch-and-a-half businesscard and netinst CD images remain usable.
Old netboot images are no longer usable and will need to be replaced with 
a current image.

The Etch-and-a-half Debian Installer web page [1] has links to the new 
images and also has links to the release announcements which give an 
overview of changes in the installation system.

The Debian Installer team is currently preparing an RC2 release of the 
Lenny installer, which will again result in an update of the installer 
images for Etch-and-a-half. The kernel version used during installation 
will remain at 2.6.26.

[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer/etchnhalf

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