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Re: Please review latest issue of the Debian Project News

Quoting Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (tolimar@debian.org):
> Hi!
> I just finished writing the 13th issue of the Debian Project News.  It's
> scheduled to be released this evening / tomorow morning (I'll be home
> arround 20:00 UTC and plan to send it out then, unless my train is
> delayed).

Thanks for this now established review process. As others said, it is
good to have the overall quality of DPN improved by reviews of the
texts (not saying that the former versions were bad....indeed, I never
said to myself that English could be improved...but I'm not a good
example anyway).

Alex, could you consider a news item about this for next DPNs ?

Something like

Debian Project News attempts improving their writing quality

Starting from DPN Nr. NNNN, the editors of the Debian Project News
include a review process before publishing the news from the Project.

The debian-l10n-english contributors (most of them being native
speakers of English language) will now review the newsletter as part
of their constant commitment to improve the use of the English
language in Debian texts.

The debian-l10n-english mailing list can be contacted for any kind of
review of texts written for Debian packages (user interaction,
specific Debian documentation, project's official texts, etc.).

Native speakers of English who want to contribute to Debian 
are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list and participate to
such reviews.

Would that make sense to publish something like this?

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