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Re: Please review latest issue of the Debian Project News

Christian Perrier wrote:
> <frenglish>

(As usual I'm just reviewing the English, and leaving it to others
to come up with any suggestions for alternative content.)

> ====================================================
> Debian Project News attempts improving their writing quality

I don't think the DPN is person-like enough to attempt things
(especially given that this runs into number-agreement problems).
Since it's a headline, just use a journalese noun-pile, like:

  Debian Project News writing quality efforts

> Starting from DPN Nr. NNNN, the editors of the Debian Project News

(They're dated rather than numbered.)

> include a review process before publishing the news from the Project.

"News" and "Project" are getting overused - "before publication."

> The debian-l10n-english contributors (most of them being native
  xxx                                                xxxxx
> speakers of English language) will now review the newsletter as part
                      xxxxxxxx       xxx
> of their constant commitment to improve the use of the English
> language in Debian texts.
> The debian-l10n-english mailing list can be contacted for any kind of
> review of texts written for Debian packages (user interaction,
> specific Debian documentation, project's official texts, etc.).
  Debian-specific                [tricky]

In fact as demonstrated yesterday it's not just packages, so maybe:

  The debian-l10n-english mailing list^[n] can be contacted for any
  kind of review of texts written for Debian, such as packaged configuration
  dialogs, Debian-specific documentation, or official project texts.

(Does it perhaps need examples of "kinds of review"?
"Spellchecking, thinko-spotting and general polishing"?) 
> Native speakers of English who want to contribute to Debian 
> are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list and participate to
> such reviews.
> ====================================================
> </frenglish>
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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