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Interesting story: Argentinian clocks

Just dropping an idea about an interesting item for debian-news or
so. Not really "written" but probably easy to complete.

Argentinian free software developers fight hard for accurate computers clocks

During October 2008, much noise happened when the clocks of most
Argentinian servers running free (and some non-free) Unix-like systems
suddenly drifted by one hour on Oct. 5th

It turned out that some misunderstandings about the day Argentina
would switch to summer time lead to incorrect information to flow down
to all timezone settings packages in these systems.

In two weeks, the argentinian community cleared up this mess and, in
only two days, the timezone setting packages in Debian were fixed as
soon as decisions were finally be made by Argentinian authorities.

This is a very good example of the reactivity of the free software
community which no proprietary software vendor can really achieve.

PS: could be completed with stories about similar things for
Brazil.... Again, this is not very well written but can probably be
enhanced or completed as I don't know all aspects of the story. I just
happen to find it interesting.


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