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Re: Thoughts about Debian Marketing

martin f krafft wrote:
> So who will do the quality assurance so make sure that none of these
> companies abuse our name or spread the wrong information?

Nothing could ever change that part. The idea is to create a layer
between it. Let's keep the following in mind, it pretty much resembles
the Big Idea:

I don't want to put stones in your way. I just see "slogan" and
"commercial" and "marketing" and superlatives and empty words, and
my red flags go up. Debian has a awesome reputation in the advanced
circles. Let's try not to ruin that with overly generic publicity.


Whatever you chose to do -- I will not comment anymore on this
thread -- please try to stay as close as possible to reality as you
can. Let RH and Suse spout FUD with their slogans, but let's not
compete in that league!

Happy to get your red flags up, really.

Who'd be able to change anything that has been here for years and has
been doing things it's way for years. Let's not forget that. Now, back
to the subject, please.


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