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Re: About to turn bug #500000

Christian Perrier schrieb:
> I cooked a first early draft for this. It's probably very much
> improvable but I'd like to submit it to you in advance:
> =====================================
> Debian had half a million bugs reported
> On FIXME, FIXME reported bug number 500,000 in the Debian Bug Tracking
> system.
> Bug reports are used to track down most issues in Debian packages,
> infrastructure and tools.
> The vitality of the Debian Bug Tracking system is a proof of the
> vitality of development in Debian (the current bug report rate is
> about 60,000 bugs per year for a total of FIXME packages in the
> distribution, so only FIXME bugs per year and package).
> Therefore, Debian developers are proud as they had 500,000 occasions
> to interact with their users. Of course, they are also proud that
> FIXME of these bugs are currently closed and only FIXME are release
> critical for the upcoming Debian lenny release.
> See you in 2016 to celebrate the millionth bug in Debian !
> =====================================
> FIXME's:
> - date of bug #500000
> - name of the bug submitter
> - number of (binary|source) packages in Debian
> - bug/package ratio
> - number of closed bugs
> - number of RC bugs affecting lenny

Quoting from IRC:

<bubulle> alphascorpii, Tolimar: hmm, are you guys ready for the
500000th bug official announcement?
<bubulle> should happen in the next 12 hours or so
[ approximatly 16 hours later; the 500000th bug has ben reached in the
meantime ]
<Tolimar> bubulle: Urg... No.  I'm not ready for anything -- three days
left to write my bachelor thesis -- and alphascorpii is attending a
<Tolimar> bubulle: Can fix the fixmes, and maybe ask don (?) about some
numbers?  Maybe how many bugs got fixed, and how fast... Or how many of
these bugs where just WNPP / Installation reports?  How many got
reported upstream?  That might be interesting numbers to add to your
<Tolimar> (Yes, I should find the time to send it out once it ready.)
<Tolimar> (Sorry, should have told you sooner, but actually:  I'm marked
as beeing on VAC ;)

If anyone finalizes the announcement (bonus points for creating the WML
file our Web site, too), I'm willing to send it out, but I simply don't
have the time to do it myself.

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