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About to turn bug #500000

(please CC me to answers)

Hello dear d-publicity folks,

As you may or may not have noticed, we are about to turn the 500,000
mark in our BTS.

That should indeed happen in 7-8 days or so.

I think this could deserve an item in DPN, or even a press
release. After all, we *are* proud to have so many bugs..:-)

I cooked a first early draft for this. It's probably very much
improvable but I'd like to submit it to you in advance:

Debian had half a million bugs reported

On FIXME, FIXME reported bug number 500,000 in the Debian Bug Tracking

Bug reports are used to track down most issues in Debian packages,
infrastructure and tools.

The vitality of the Debian Bug Tracking system is a proof of the
vitality of development in Debian (the current bug report rate is
about 60,000 bugs per year for a total of FIXME packages in the
distribution, so only FIXME bugs per year and package).

Therefore, Debian developers are proud as they had 500,000 occasions
to interact with their users. Of course, they are also proud that
FIXME of these bugs are currently closed and only FIXME are release
critical for the upcoming Debian lenny release.

See you in 2016 to celebrate the millionth bug in Debian !

- date of bug #500000
- name of the bug submitter
- number of (binary|source) packages in Debian
- bug/package ratio
- number of closed bugs
- number of RC bugs affecting lenny


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