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Re: Fwd: Announcement of D-I releases

* Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl) [080912 10:09]:
> Up till now we've basically only announced D-I releases on our project 
> homepage [1], on d-d-a [2] and via times.d.n [3]. A copy of the 
> announcement has sometimes been sent to d-user.
> As you can see, basically the same announcement in all cases, which is 
> possibly a bit boring :-)
> But we've not announced anything on d-news (main reason: too much hassle 
> getting it there). The changelog we send to d-d-a is probably not really 
> suitable for d-n, but a shorter version with a bit more explanation and a 
> link to [1] could work.

note that in my "master plan" i would like to see such snapshots
somewhat stabilized (as in "not too badly broken, usable", not as in
"debian full blown release") and announced them publicly.

the reasoning behind this is that a certain group of people seem to like
to update and reinstall as often as they can to get the feeling of
maximum up-to-date-ness. And debian (as it has testing, anyway) can
satisfy their demand easier, as in passing. 

I envision drop-in artwork packages that gives those snapshots a new
look even, featuring a consistant suite of themes between stable

bottomline: make those snapshots vaguely predictable, ask the release
team to prevent testing to be too badly broken, drop in a new look and
feel and announce it much better, more visible.


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