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reading mailboxes on master (was: who reads debian partners inbox?)


* Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org> [080905 13:15]:

> > So it can be check retro-actively at least.
> > We just need people who feel responsible for it and will read it.
> And for them to read it, we need mail forwarding. No one will log into master 
> regularly (as in daily) to read mail. At least I hope so ;)

You are right (especially, since these mailboxes usually contains a
large amount of Spam).  However it's usually a very good idea, to check
the mailbox on master from time to time. (According to my experience
with the events@ and press@ mailboxes).

Sadly it often happens, that mails are catched by spam filters, so it's
a good idea to check the mailbox from time to time and scan it for
unanswered mails don't looking like spam.

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