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Re: who reads debian partners inbox?


* Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> [080905 12:41]:

> We just need people who feel responsible for it and will read it.
> > Andre Machado seems like a good candidate for this to me (judging from his 
> > publicity work - but I dont think he is a DD nor in NM, not sure if this is 
> > really needed though, esp. if he is only one from many), plus the usual 
> > suspects, tolimar, jmm and stockholm ;-)
> Those sound like good candidates (modulo Andre, unless mail forwarding
> is put into place) for it, CC'd.

Thanks for explicitly CCing me.

Feel free to add me, but I won't have the time to check any old mails
for at least this month.

Best Regards,

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