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Re: [Debconf-team] After DebConf Press release?


Am 19.8.2008 schrieb "Holger Levsen" <holger@layer-acht.org>:

>Huh? To me it rather looks like something along the lines, "if the press team 
>has no idea how to write positive, interesting press releases, then maybe the 
>press team has no idea to write press releases". (I know this sounds harsh, 
>please read on.)

Uh? I don't understand that... Surely you don't suggest, that if we
don't got any input, we just make something up, do you?  None of
Debians press team was present at DebConf nor where we involved in
organisaing it, so if you want a final press release the least thing we
need is some input from someone who has been there.

That's why I asked /adviced before the converence started to collect
"noteworthy stuff" happening during the conference, so we don't end
up (again) with nothing more than a "DebConf finished, it was cool".

Looking at planet.debian.org posts from the last weeks and at various
mails to our lists, it surely seems that noteworthy things had
happenend.  So my question for some input wasn't very odd.

>I wish I could phrase this more friendly, but I'm (still) too tired. And I 
>guess thats also at least part of the reason why Martin (F. Kraft) couldnt 
>come up with some interesting news :-)

However, I indeed forgot that you weren't finished at all with DebConf
when I wrote the first mail and understand, that it was very bad timing.
 Sorry ;)

>> We're usually not reporting every 
>> small bits that could be interesting (even though some would be good),
>> thus, having two similar notes about Debconf may be a little bit
>> overstressing.
>I disagree. 
>It's quite likely that many publishers didnt issue anything about DebConf 
>_before_ the event, because there were no real news/value in it: it was too 
>late for people to attend (no one flys to Argentina the next day because she 
>just learned DebConf will happen) and an upcoming event in itself is hardly 
>newsworthy. That something _has_ happened _and_ was an success on the other 
>hand, is news.
>P.S.: and apologies for giving "good advice" from the side, without intending 
>to get involved. My plate is just too full... but I'd be happy to review and 
>to comment on an actual draft.

I'm all with Holger here.  We should send something - and I'm sure
there was enough stuff happening (maybe not our DPL dancing, but
something more... uhm... constructive?) - and I'm all in favour of
someone else doing the work ;)

Best regards,

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