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Re: [Debconf-team] After DebConf Press release?


On Monday 18 August 2008 13:21, Joey Schulze wrote:
> > I guess a few numbers (actual talks, attendees, coffee consumed, ...),
> > interesting outcomes of the conference, general feedback, maybe a nice
> > quote or two, ... a few good news for a change :)
> When the press team does not have an idea, I wonder if it would really be
> a wise idea to hurry out such a note. 

Huh? To me it rather looks like something along the lines, "if the press team 
has no idea how to write positive, interesting press releases, then maybe the 
press team has no idea to write press releases". (I know this sounds harsh, 
please read on.)

I wish I could phrase this more friendly, but I'm (still) too tired. And I 
guess thats also at least part of the reason why Martin (F. Kraft) couldnt 
come up with some interesting news :-)

Because overall I _am_ really happy that and how Martin did the press work! We 
need more people like him!

So maybe just take the ideas Meike had and add some more, like "DPL Dance", 
the video streams (which made attendees and "attendees around the world" 
quite happy and "allowed participation via IRC" and already (pre-)released 
recordings, DebConf9 was announced and planning for DebConf10 was started, we 
made some progress on Lenny (excpected to be released in the next 4 months), 

I'm sure there is more, for example Jurij wrote in his blog: "Particularly 
recommended: quality assurance talks/BOFs by Lucas Nussbaum, BTS development 
progress by Don Armstrong, method diffusion in large volunteer projects by 
Martin Krafft,  talk and debate on OpenSSL security issue by Luciano Bello, 
various lightning talks." 

(I missed most of the talks due my video work, but I hope others will have 
some more interesting bits. Definitly the openssl-"thing" (to avoid the 
d-word) should be mentioned IMO.)

Many things which are boring and old news to us (who are very very close to 
the thing we/you write press releases about), _are_ interesting for the press 
(and their consumers).

> We're usually not reporting every 
> small bits that could be interesting (even though some would be good),
> thus, having two similar notes about Debconf may be a little bit
> overstressing.

I disagree. 

It's quite likely that many publishers didnt issue anything about DebConf 
_before_ the event, because there were no real news/value in it: it was too 
late for people to attend (no one flys to Argentina the next day because she 
just learned DebConf will happen) and an upcoming event in itself is hardly 
newsworthy. That something _has_ happened _and_ was an success on the other 
hand, is news.


P.S.: and apologies for giving "good advice" from the side, without intending 
to get involved. My plate is just too full... but I'd be happy to review and 
to comment on an actual draft.

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