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Re: [Debconf-team] After DebConf Press release?

Meike Reichle wrote:
> martin f krafft said/sagte on/am 18/08/08 16:21:
> > also sprach Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> [2008.08.17.1736 -0300]:
> >> As far as I know you planed to send a Press Release out, after DebConf
> >> finished.  When did you expect that to be ready?  Any ETA?
> > 
> > What would be the content? I think I said that I could and would,
> > but I have no idea what else to put in there than the same info from
> > the first press release.
> I guess a few numbers (actual talks, attendees, coffee consumed, ...),
> interesting outcomes of the conference, general feedback, maybe a nice
> quote or two, ... a few good news for a change :)

When the press team does not have an idea, I wonder if it would really be
a wise idea to hurry out such a note.  We're usually not reporting every
small bits that could be interesting (even though some would be good),
thus, having two similar notes about Debconf may be a little bit overstressing.



Let's call it an accidental feature.  -- Larry Wall

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