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Re: Bits from the new ftp-master

Hello all,

Just a couple of quick notes.

You had a problem with the sequence of dates?
I'm fairly sure the American's will do it differently but British English goes 
like this:
Friday the 25th of April 2008

It's becoming more and more common to be less formal and write:
25th April 2008

If you are directly quoting quote but don't whatever you do change what the 
speaker said. If you do feel the need to edit more heavily you can either 
insert in square brackets [like this] or better still rewrite it as an 
indirect quote.

> > Debian Project has a long history of debating its own key solutions, and
> > the emerging ones, having the colective wisdom of many, had been proven
> > under real situations.
> This sounds extremely defensive - "we just like to talk a lot and we like
> that."  I think I know what you want to say, but I'm not sure how to write
> it in a more positive light.
> +++
One thing you could try doing is to change the tense from the past to the 
present or future.
Say something like 'The Debian project is looking forward to building on it's 
long tradition of debate by doing x, y, and z....'

Don't forget, if you are directly quoting don't change what's been said unless 
you indicate to the reader that you've made an edit. Someone somewhere is 
always sure to find out and you'll find yourself facing plagiarism issues.

If only I had more time I'd make the edit's for you!
But if you get any problem with the paragraph please feel free to email me the 
offending text.

Everymen their own football!
Jon Evans

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