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Re: Etch 1/2 CD images for test (was: Misc development news (#6))

(Really added d-publicity as I'm not sure if you're subscribed to the 

On Tuesday 22 April 2008, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> > I have built two "etchnhalf" netinst CD images (i386 and amd64) for
> > people who'd like to try them out. They contain:
> If we add that to the next issue of the Debian Project News, which will
> be send out in a bit less than two weeks, would that be to late?

IMHO it should not be published there. These images are not really intended 
for testing by the "general public".

> PS: Sorry; that should have been in the last issue already, but I forgot
> it.

Hmmm. How could you have? They were not yet available then...


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