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Nice review Debian Etch on a Dell Latitude D520

There is a nice review of installing Debian GNU / Linux 4.0 Etch on a Dell Latitude D520 notebook. [0]
"Basic installation went without a hitch as expected...  When the system rebooted and I logged in to my new system everything seemed to work fine. The desktop was fast and responsive and pretty much everything worked without a hitch. "

There were some adjusts to be made and the author explained very well.
Configuring system time and hardware clock synchronization, wireless support (not detected on install but easily installed with aptitude), connecting with Windows 2003 shares and adjusting Synaptics touchpad speed.

"All in all I am very happy with my new system. It's a definite step up from my previous work laptop ... which I found a bit too unstable and sluggish for my taste. I don't mind that my home desktop is a bit unstable and bleeding edge but I really can't use that at work where I simply need my system to be rock-solid. 
Debian/etch is just that."

[0] http://www.jejik.com/articles/2007/04/configuring_debian_etch_on_a_dell_latitude_d520/

Andre Felipe Machado

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